Nadia Karbowska

_DSC0780My name is Nadia Karbowska, I’m a fourth-year student at the Poznań University of Economics, Department of Tourism, Poland. The aim of my studies is to learn about contemporary tourism and to obtain a competitive industry and employment edge. Last year I successfully launched the research initiative of combining the prestige of our university with engaging tourists and foreign students; the final result of my comprehensive work will be an integral part of my graduation project.
Goals and achievements: People interaction has always been my primary objective. Therefore I began language learning at the very beginning of my student life. By now I managed to gain invaluable working and language experiences at the tourist agency, where I practiced as a guide. Besides my skills also enormously improved as I did a lot of leaflet- and brochure-translation. I still continue to study English and never stop developing my attainments.
I’m cheerful and industrious person that is hot upon any cause and put all efforts possible to acquire optimal outcomes. Working with people helped me understand human nature and the fact that to achieve your goal you need to love what you do.